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Parish Ministries: Discover Your God-Given Talents

Find the Way God may be leading you to Happiness

God has given you unique talents that can lead you to the life of fulfillment He wants for you. How can you know what way God may be leading you? God has given you unique talents, skills and knowledge. Using these gifts in your life will help you find the contentment you are looking for.

Everyone is talented. We just notice the talents of some more than others. What are your talents? It may be a natural tendency to: understand the emotions of others; thrive under pressure; make others laugh

Skills are things we’ve learned over the years. For instance, what people skills do you have? Empathy, Listening; Hospitality? What skills have you developed? A Hobby, Cooking, Computers?

Knowledge is simply what you know. Your knowledge can tell you: how to deal with an upset customer; what time Mass is held at your parish; how to cope with job related stress .*

When people compliment you, what do they recognize? Understanding - Friendliness—Enthusiasm - Patience - Wisdom?
What is your job or profession?
What makes you good at what you do?
What activities energize you?
What do family members see as your best traits?

As you review the parish ministries that follow, ask yourself if you would enjoy any of them. Perhaps your talents, skills and knowledge are leading you to a ministry that isn’t listed. Then contact Father, indicating how you would like to serve as "My Personal Ministry."

*Albert Winseman et. al., Living Your Strengths, Gallup Press, 2008