Walking with the Lord

Invitation and Community

At Bishop Barres' installation, he asked all practicing Catholics to invite a neighbor or a friend to Mass between then and March 1st. As we continue to strengthen our Parish Community through hospitality and different events, perhaps inviting them to Mardi Gras would also be a way of fostering community and welcoming those who have stayed away back to the Church! Often, in research, it has been expressed that we simply did not ask a person to think about it or invite them to join as in case of thinking of a vocation. So invite your neighbor, family member or friend to our Mardi Gras Party and perhaps the following day they might join us for Ash Wednesday! We can be the most effectivc ministers of the New Evangelization when we invite and encourage one another. Tuesday, February 28th is Mardi Gras. A time for celebration before the beginning of Lent on Ash Wednesday. With celebration in mind, I would like to invite you to a little Mardi Gras Party in the Parish Center at 6pm on Tuesday, February 28th. The whole parish is invited to this event as we celebrate as a parish family with pizza and hoping for a lot of desserts! Music will be provided by our Hispanic Community. The cost is $5 per family and we invite you to bring a dessert. Please call the Parish Office to RSVP (631) 288-1423. So come party with us!

For now, we continue our walk with the Lord.


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