Happy Father’s Day!  Today, we pray for our Fathers.  We give thanks for our Fathers, whether they be our biological father, a father figure or those men who helped to shape our lives.  It is a great day to say thank you whether in person or in prayer.  Also in all of this to give thanks to God for those in our lives who have helped us and shaped us through the years.  I personally give thanks for my father, teachers, coaches, mentors, priests, and friends who have helped me along the way.

The Augustine Institute has an online service that is filled with movies, eBooks, documentaries and devotional resources.  It is called FORMED.  Through a grant from the Diocese and a kind benefactor, our parish has signed up.  It has a wealth of information and catechetical materials.  If you go to our FORMED page, iccwhb.formed.org, you can register and have access to a lot of great resources for free!  There are some things which you can buy from the marketplace but most are on demand which is free.  I invite you to check out the Presence series on the Eucharist, it is accessible on the Community Page of our FORMED Page.  We will be using this great resource throughout the year, and I hope you enjoy it!  For now, we continue our walk with the Lord.