Every year around this time, we plan our budget for the coming year.  We look at trends in collections and other sources of income as well as expenses and attempt to plan accordingly.  The Parish aims to operate principally on collections from Sunday Masses and some second collections, like this week’s summer collection.  This is a principle source of funding for our ministries and expenses throughout the year.  For years, the parish has had one other major fundraiser which is the Phantom Beach Party.  It was proposed many many years ago, that people are quite busy in the summer, and so another event would not be advantageous, rather if we simply sent an invite, people could send a donation.  This was meant to ease the burdens of an extra event on everyone’s calendar and also the tremendous effort needed to put on an event in our parish.  We continue to utilize the Phantom Beach Party to help us with our ministry expenses.  We are grateful for everyone’s generosity which enables us to continue to proclaim the Gospel in and through our parish.  The only other fundraiser has been the Catholic Ministries Appeal.  These two fundraisers help us continue to build our parish and our ministries so that we might better serve you and our whole community.  I thank you for your continued generosity and your participation in our Parish.  This year we are trying an additional fundraiser, a raffle!  We will sell 300 tickets only for $100 each, with the grand prize being $5,000, second prize $2,500 and third prize a basket of cheer.  That money will help us defray some of the cost of various capital improvements we have done and continue to do.  We will draw the winners after 11am Mass on Labor Day weekend.

For now, we continue our walk with the Lord.