Over the years, there have been many questions about funerals as to what is acceptable in the Catholic Church, unfortunately many of these questions arise as someone is trying to prepare a funeral for a loved one.  So things can become very stressful and unsettling for family and friends of the deceased.  A common question is, does the Church permit cremation, and it does!  The Church prefers that the body is in the Church for the funeral mass before being cremated.  This however can be difficult if someone dies out of town or out of state.  So we do celebrate funeral masses with the cremains present.  In the case, where a funeral has already been celebrated in another parish but people want to remember their loved one who was involved in this parish, we can celebrate a memorial mass.  A memorial mass would use funeral readings and prayers but the body or cremains would not be present.  Often, people ask to do a eulogy or words of remembrance.  This is not required but is permitted and typically we do this before the opening prayer.  It should be no more than 3 minutes and must be reviewed by the priest beforehand.  Typically if people want a longer time for words of remembrance, the wake, graveside or gathering afterwards is a more appropriate place to share these wonderful memories.

For now, we continue our walk with the Lord.