This Sunday, we celebrate Catechetical Sunday.  We bless all our Catechists and volunteers who work so hard helping our young people grow in their faith.  As we begin a new year in Religious Education, we pray for our catechists, junior catechists, hall monitors and volunteers as they share their faith with our young people.  It is a very important ministry in our parish and in the whole Church as our young people learn more about Jesus, the Love of God, about the Church and about themselves.  This year’s theme is “Stay with Us”.  This harkens to the road to Emmaus and the encounter the two disciples have with the risen Jesus.  Pope Francis has spoken many times about encounter and accompaniment.  The Church needs to encourage encounter with the Lord as well as walk with people in their relationship with the Lord.  Our children growing in their relationship with God helps them become more fervent witnesses out in the world.  It also enables our children to be able to reach out to those who have fallen away from the faith or those who have not encountered the faith.  It will be an exciting year and one which we hope bears fruit for our young people, our catechists, volunteers and our whole parish.  Join me in praying for them.  With your prayers and support, we will help our young people grow in their faith.

For now, we continue our walk with the Lord.