A few weeks ago, I watched a documentary on four women who own NFL teams. Two of them were Catholic and described their faith and going to Mass weekly if not daily.  Even when I was in Toronto for my races some were surprised that I raced on Sunday.  I explained that like all Catholics, I need to go to Mass, but I can go on Saturday or Sunday.  Even growing up, it was a rarity to miss Mass, and we never missed because of sports.  Whether it was an early morning Mass before racing Go-Karts or Saturday evening Mass before a Sunday morning race, we never tried to miss Mass.  So many families now, participate in various sports and activities on Saturday and Sunday and during the week.  It makes it hard to make Religious Education during the week or Mass on Sunday.  However if we listen to some of the professional athletes, they state how important their faith and their relationship with God is.  Our faith should be an important part of our lives.  Our children look to their parents, relatives, coaches and friends in how to live out their lives.  We ought to be the best models we can be to model and support our children in their faith, even as they participate in sports and other activities.  

For now, we continue our walk with the Lord.