Dear Friends in Christ,

Since my letter on June 8, 2020, a lot has changed.  First of all we are now able to distribute Communion!  Distribution of Communion takes place after the final blessing.  We have done this over the past couple of weeks. It has taken some time to tweak the procedure and changing the flow of movement.  It is thought that upon reaching phase IV, we will be able to go up to 33% capacity (about 148 people in the Parish Center).  Only once in the past two weeks did we come close to capacity.  So as we slowly are able to restart, there have been some concerns, one is social distancing, and we have addressed that with better markings on the floor and by using ushers/Eucharistic ministers to help guide people during communion.  We have also for the time being eliminated ushers going around with baskets.  There are stations at the main entrance of the hall and on the stage for people to put their offering in either before or after Mass.  Another option is to sign up for Faith Direct, which our online giving platform,  Likewise, we have the opportunity of Text to Give.  Text keyword 162parishimmaculate to (516) 271-3338.  You will then be able to pay with a credit card.  With these ways of giving, you are able to make your offering without having to interact with our collection stations.

As we slowly start back up, we will need your cooperation and the cooperation of all the faithful. All who wish to go to Mass MUST WEAR MASK/FACE COVERING, the only exception is for those under 2 years of age. You will not be admitted to any of the buildings, Church or Parish Center without mask/face covering. You must wear mask/face covering for the duration of the Mass. It should cover your nose and mouth. This is for the protection of everyone. Sunday Mass Schedule will be 5pm on Saturday, 8am, 10am, and 12noon on Sunday in English in the Parish Center. This will enable us to disinfect the Parish Center and Church after every Mass. If the Parish Center reaches capacity, we will have a second Mass in the Church as overflow. The obligation to go to Sunday Mass is still lifted. If you are sick or in a vulnerable category, we ask you to remain home for your health and safety and the health and safety of everyone.

8am Daily Masses (Monday-Friday) will be in the Church. Confession is available on Saturday 4-4:45pm and by appointment.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Michael J. Bartholomew