Dear Friends in Christ,

As our state and community slowly come out of the isolation of Covid-19 and as our country still struggles to cope with the effects of Covid-19, the Church has continued its mission of preaching the Gospel and ministering the Sacraments.  Throughout this ordeal, the parish has kept the Church open for prayer, even when we were not allowed public worship.  The parish responded to many calls for help whether for food or financial assistance or administering the anointing of the sick to the sick and dying.  Once the restrictions were lifted, we have attempted to get back towards our normal operation.  The past two weeks we confirmed over 40 of our young people and over the next two weeks we will celebrate First Communion for over 40 of our young people.  Many parishioners have pitched in to help us disinfect the parish center after Masses so that we feel confident in returning to our normal Mass Schedule on the weekend of Aug 22-23, 5pm on Saturday, 8am, 9:30am, 11am in English and 5pm in Spanish on Sunday.  We will continue to need everyone’s cooperation and help as we move forward from this crisis.

This crisis has affected everyone.  It is no different for the Church.  Lack of Public Masses, limited attendance and capacity at Masses and the change in way of taking up collections have hurt the Parish financially.  Collections at the current moment are about half of what we usually receive at this time of year.  This time of year is often when we build up a reserve which then helps us during the winter months when attendance is far lower.   I would ask you, in so far as you are able, to help us by catching up on your Sunday offering and/or giving a gift to the parish.   While many have given for the Food Pantry, and those funds specifically help those in need, the Parish itself is in need of help so we can continue our mission and operation of our plant.  So anything you can give to help us meet our budget shortfalls, and help us to set up for a strong year ahead is greatly appreciated.

Be assured of my prayers for you and your family and our whole parish community.


Yours in Christ,

Rev. Michael J. Bartholomew