For about 3 months now, the Parish has resumed Masses.  Initially in modified schedule, but now at our usual schedule of 5pm Saturday, 8am, 9:30am and 11am in English on Sunday and 5pm in Spanish on Sunday.  We continue to do weekend Masses in the Parish Center as we have more capacity and keep everyone safely spaced.  We also continue to distribute Communion at the end of Mass which makes for a more orderly Communion procession and exiting of the Parish Center.  Some people are still unease about coming to Mass, so we will continue to livestream 9:30am Sunday and 5pm Spanish Sunday Masses.  They are also available online after the Mass is finished and can be viewed at a later time.  For those considering returning to Mass but wanting to avoid crowds at the current moment, 5pm Saturday has averaged about 50-60 people, and 11am Sunday has averaged about 40-50 people and about 70 people at 5pm in Spanish.  Our 8am Sunday Mass is the most crowded and is basically at capacity.  9:30am mass is averaging about 70-85 people.  Our capacity is 148 at this time.  Collection is not taken during the Mass and so it may be deposited in receptacles at the door when you enter or when you leave.

For now, we continue our walk with the Lord.