This Sunday, we celebrate the Feast of All Saints.  It is an important feast of the Church as it celebrates all the Saints of God, both canonized and those not canonized.  The Communion of Saints is a powerful intercession before God.  They give us models of faith to live by.  That is one reason St. John Paul II canonized so many saints during his pontificate.  Monday is All Souls’ Day, where we remember all those who have gone before us.  We start our All Souls’ Novena on Monday and will pray for all our loved ones who have gone before us.  If you would like to remember your loved one, please fill out an envelope and drop it in the basket or drop it by the office.  Unfortunately with the pandemic and reduced capacity, we are unable to do our yearly Mass of Remembrance, in which we pray for and with those who have lost loved ones in the past year.  Our hope is that next year we will be able to bring those families together when we are able to do the Mass of Remembrance.  As we continue to pray for the end of this pandemic, we trust in the intercessions of the Saints.  All holy men and women pray for us!

For now, we continue our walk with the Lord.