Next week, we will celebrate Good Shepherd Sunday.  It is dedicated as World Day of Prayer for Vocations.  A program that some of parishes in our diocese have done is a Chalice Program.  A family would be given a chalice at a Sunday Mass and asked to pray for vocations each day.  The Chalice would be returned after the week and given to a different family the next Sunday.  It is an opportunity for families to come together, pray for vocations, and to talk about vocations to priesthood, religious life and the family.  It is a way to cultivate vocations in our parish.  If your family is interested, please submit the information requested below to the parish office:

Yes, I would like to participate in our Prayer for Vocations Chalice Program!
Phone/Numero de teléfono:
Email/Correo electrónico:
Mass you normally attend/Misa que asistía normalmente:


For now, we continue our walk with the Lord.