Beginning on May 19th, we will be able to lift the 50% capacity restriction.  While we can have 100% capacity, we need to be mindful of safety for everyone.  Our capacity will be a little limited as we exercise caution.  You are asked to leave some space between you and those who are not related to you.  In the Parish Center that is about a chair between.  We recognize with added people will coming, some will be more nervous.  The dispensation from the obligation to go to Mass is still in effect.  So if you feel uncomfortable or sick, staying home is the safest measure.  Masks are still required at Mass.  We will return to Communion at the normal time after the Priest receives.  The route of the communion procession will remain in place however as we have done since we reopened.  In the Parish Center, the side sections will go first, and middle section last.  In the Church, parishioners are to come up the side aisle and return via the main aisle.  We will have a recessional hymn following the prayer after Communion, and the priest will process out.  Please be patient with one another as you enter and exit for Mass.  We are thankful that things seem to be turning around and we are getting back closer to normal.

For now, we continue our walk with the Lord.