As we have slowly come back from the shutdown due to the pandemic, and more and more people are returning to Mass, we are still seeing a significant decline in collections on Sunday.  While we have experienced it throughout the year, the summer is normally a time where we are able to make up for smaller collections in the winter.  Currently, we are down $17,000 from last year.  Sunday Collections are a main source of funding.  While we have done some fundraisers and even if we were to make our Catholic Ministries Appeal goal and receive about a $12,000 rebate, we are still significantly lower.  Currently we have pledged $27,750.18 of a $62,800.00 goal with regards to the Catholic Ministries Appeal.  We have cut many costs and expenditures and have seen significant savings.  However, we still need to pay employees, utilities and maintenance that make a parish run.

For now, we continue our walk with the Lord.