Lent is a time of very intensive preparation for Easter.  Prayer is central in our preparation.  While fasting and almsgiving are featured in Lent, prayer is the basic way of our communication with God, and thereby fundamental to our relationship with God.  There are many types and forms of prayer.  I use the acronym of RAPT for some central types of prayer, Repentance, Adoration, Petition and Thanksgiving.  While we tend to be very Petition heavy in our prayers year around, Lent enables us to look at Repentance.  Adoration and Thanksgiving are other key types of prayer.  Adoration and Thanksgiving definitely aim us toward the Easter mysteries during Holy Week, Adoring the Cross, and Thankful for our Salvation through the Risen Christ.  The Mass has all these elements.  These may be done with words or in silence.  Silence is an important component in attempting to listen to God to understand His response to our prayers and petitions.

For now, we continue our walk with the Lord.