Pentecost is the Birthday of the Church!  The descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles enabled them to preach boldly and give witness to Jesus Christ.  It is an important feast because with this feast the Apostles and the whole Church are accompanied by the Holy Spirit.  The same Spirit that descended upon the Apostles is living and active in the Church.  It is living and active in our Parish!  The challenge is to be aware of the Holy Spirit’s work in our very own lives.  It can be difficult to distinguish and difficult to recognize if we do not take time out to reflect on the events and happenings in our lives.  We have just finished the Parish Synod consultations.  I hope to present that report to the parish soon.  Again in the Synod meetings we encountered the movement of the Holy Spirit and now may find a way forward for our parish to address pressing needs.  Come, Holy Spirit! 

For now, we continue our walk with the Lord.