A couple of weeks ago, we shared the synopsis of the Synod Meetings here at Immaculate Conception.  Two of the biggest takeaways were the need for more involvement from all parishioners and the need for better catechesis for children and adults.  Pope Francis on Wednesday preached, “What can I do for the Church? Not complaining about the Church, but committing myself to the Church, participating with passionate humility, because we mustn’t remain passive spectators.”  As a part of our Kickoff to Summer, we have some handouts and encourage you to take one or a bulletin which also has it included.  You will see a list of ministries which are currently in need of volunteers.  Some require training but most do not.  Even if you are only here for a few weekends, you can be involved!  If you are here, a couple weekends a year, or a couple of months or most of the year, or year-round, you can be involved!  Some ministries have been dormant since Covid.  Others we hope to start back up in the Fall.  All of it is really dependent on you and your fellow parishioners!  It is also through ideas of parishioners old and new that new ministries are born.  Get involved, put your faith in action and help build up our community here at Immaculate Conception!