Tuesday, November 1 is All Saints’ Day. All Saints’ Day is a holy day of obligation. We will have Mass in Spanish on Monday, October 31st at 7pm and then Mass in English on Tuesday November 1st at 8am, 12noon and 7pm. Wednesday, November 2nd is All Souls’ Day where we remember all our loved ones who have gone before us. Both feasts really encompass all we are, as we remember saints and all the faithful departed. Both feasts are a reminder that we are always connected with those who go before us, and especially at the Mass as with pray with the Communion of Angels and Saints. November is a time for thanksgiving, not only the holiday but to reflect on all those blessings by way of the people who have been in our lives. On Saturday, November 5th at 12noon, we will have our Mass of Remembrance for all those who have died over the past year from our parish family. This is again to remind us that even though we may be physically separated from our loved ones, spiritually we are not! This is a lovely way to come together as a parish family to pray and support one another. Don’t forget if you would like your loved one remembered during our All Souls’ Day Novena of Masses to fill out an envelope and either drop it in the collection basket or drop by the parish office. All Holy Men and Women Pray for Us! For now, we continue our walk with the Lord.