Synod Meetings

As we mentioned last month, the whole Roman Catholic Church is involved in the Synod on Synodality.  We will be beginning our opportunities to participate in the Synod on a parish level.  Typically a session will begin with prayer and reflection then people are asked some questions on Journeying Together, Participation, Communion and Mission.  Participants are encouraged to share their thoughts through this time of prayerful reflection.  Sessions should last between an hour and half to two hours. So far we have planned for 10 sessions in English at different dates and times so that it would encourage anyone to come if their schedule permits.  Monday March 28 at 1pm, Tuesday March 29 at 10am, Monday April 4 at 10am, Tuesday April 5 at 7pm, Friday April 8 at 3pm, Saturday April 9 at 1pm, Monday May 2 at 7pm, Tuesday May 3 at 10am, Saturday May 7 at 1pm, Wednesday May 18 at 7pm.  The sessions will take place in the Parish Center.  The sessions are opened to any baptized Catholic.  It does not matter, if you have participated in the life of the parish or in the life of the Church until now.

For now, we continue our walk with the Lord.