Help us reach out to the Homebound!

Dear Friends in Christ,

Help us reach out to the Homebound!

The pandemic has deeply affected our world, our state, our town, and our families.  It has also deeply affected our Church community, especially those who are homebound and those who are currently afraid to be in crowded public places.

This past May, we were able to finally get internet connectivity in the Church.  We then installed a camera in the Church to live stream our religious services. This has now enabled us to reach out to those at home. All of these improvements cost us $50,000.

Any amount you can donate towards this would be greatly appreciated.

Your continued support has and continues to help us proclaim the Love of God to our community.  Thank you for your generosity and prayers as we continue forward as a Faith Community.

Yours in Christ,

Rev. Michael J. Bartholomew