Updates from Fr. Ken

Installation Mass

Sunday was the BEST day of my life! I never felt so much love and support from friends and parishioners in this parish… as well as my former parishes of St. Aidan’s in Williston Park, Corpus Christi in Mineola, and St. Patrick’s in Bay Shore. If every young man could feel the intense love and joy I feel right now, the seminaries would be PACKED! Of course, as priests, we give up a lot. But one thing we don’t give up is LOVE! And FOOD! 😂 We had some of the best food of my life catered from Toninos, Country Heros, and Tacos Leales!

Bishop “Anjay” gave an amazing, engaging homily… and so many of my priest friends were there, including my predecessor, Fr. Mike! I was truly blessed to be there with all of you, and I hope this will be the beginning of something amazing. Please pray for me as I hope to be an agent of change that helps this already awesome parish become even greater!

Healing Mass “Paused”

The diocese has requested that we “pause” our Healing Mass until the beginning of next year. Bishop Barres is in favor of a Healing Mass but said there needs to be proper catechesis. He has asked Bishop “Anjay” (the Vicar of Liturgy) to, and once the diocese and I have an opportunity to sit down and discuss the correct way of doing it, we can move forward again. Right now they are in the middle of the Fall Confirmation season, which will then be followed by the Holiday season, but I’m sure we will resume some sort of Healing Mass (or Service) soon.

I told the Bishop how popular our Healing Mass is (we average 60 people coming forward each time!) and how effective. One parishioner experienced a sudden 20% improvement in her eyesight which totally surprised her doctor! So, I’m confident that God wants to continue this healing ministry. And I’m confident that the Bishop supports it! But for now we must wait for further guidance to make sure we’re doing it right.

Many thanks to you all for your patience and to Deacons Mark and Joe for their enthusiastic support of this ministry.

Heckler at Mass

Tuesday I experienced something I never experienced before as a priest. Actually, it was something I never experienced before in my life. A heckler in the front row disrupted the Mass during my homily. She evidently didn’t like what I was saying, and so she thought it was alright to verbalize her discontent out loud with gestures! Please, if you have an issue with me (or any priest), have the common decency to take it up with the priest AFTER Mass! Thank you to all those who came to my support!