Our Nativity and Christmas Tree

Dear ICC Family,

Thanks to your generosity and the hard work of the Knights of Columbus, Fr. Slomski Council, we blessed our new Nativity last Sunday. I didn’t even need to use holy water because the Lord himself provided plenty of water from the sky! Our original goal was to buy one Nativity, but because of the generosity of such kind parishioners and friends, we were able to buy two… a large one for the  Church and a smaller one for the Parish Center. Thank you to John Chiarelli of Chiarelli’s Religious Goods in New Hyde Park who always gives us a nice discount!

Christmas Tree in front of the Church, courtesy Father Ken Grooms.In addition to our Nativity, we lit up the Christmas Tree in between the Rectory and the Church, after the 7:00pm Mass on December 8th, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, our parish feast day! Only a few people were there because most didn’t know about it. Next year we will give everyone plenty of notice as I would like this to be a new tradition here! That tree was the first thing I noticed when I drove up to the Church for the first time back in June and I thought, “Wow! What a perfect Christmas tree!” Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago, and I asked Shawn, our sacristan, when we normally light up the tree. He told me we never did it before! I couldn’t believe it! It’s so perfect, I just assumed it was lit each year. I guess what they say, “Don’t assume” is true!

Merry Christmas & God’s blessings!
Fr. Ken