Choir Loft and other Music News

Dear ICC Family,

Last weekend, the choir sounded amazing, partly because we now utilize the choir loft. Bobby Peterson, our Music Director, and Shawn Pinson, our Sacristan, spent days cleaning it out and bringing up all necessary equipment (keyboard, speakers, etc.). Every night, I saw one of their cars parked in the back parking lot and thought, “What’s Bobby doing here?” or “Why is Shawn here so late?” Now I know! They had, of course, told me what they were intending to do and got my permission. But I thought they were planning on having it ready for Easter. On Saturday morning, they brought an extension ladder into the church. I asked Shawn if they thought the choir loft would be ready by Easter. He said, “It’ll be ready tonight!” I couldn’t believe it. God bless these two wonderful men who love the music ministry so much that they ALWAYS go beyond!

Speaking of wonderful musicians, I was blessed to be able to see one of our main Cantors, Laura Laureano, star in Evita at CM Performing Arts Center in Oakdale last weekend. She was AMAZING! Laura was non-stop dancing, singing, and acting for two hours. What talent some people have! Laura, in case you were unaware, is Bobby’s fiancée. What a wonderful couple they are! God bless them!

God’s blessings to you all!
Fr. Ken

Fr. Ken, Laura, and Bobby
Fr. Ken, Laura, and Bobby